There are a number of nice Bangkok apartments and condos for rent 


“There are a number of nice Bangkok apartments, serviced apartments and condos for rent and we can show you where”.

Bangkok has been voted as the best city in the world to visit by Travel & Leisure magazine  (2010 issue), and I am sure that you will find Bangkok apartments and condos living quite comfortable.


I emigrated to the US in 1964 and had gone through grade school, high school and college in New York City; living mostly in rental apartments. Then after I got my B.S. in Engineering, I went to work for a giant Fortune 500 computer company in Kingston, New York, and became a landlord there as well.

I came back to Bangkok in 1989 and had worked for a few computer giants here for many years. Last year my wife got involved in a few real estate units and both of us have been very happy finding Bangkok apartments for someone who needs them ever since. See more of our backgrounds at About Us.

What you can get from us; 

    We mapped out 11 primary and 3 (not well publicized) secondary Bangkok's neighborhoods for you. Left Navigation bars are clarified below:

          - Neighborhood I-III,XI - Lower Sukhumvit, Rachadamri,...

          - Neighborhood IV,V - Sukhumvit 16-55

          - Neighbor VI,VI,VIII - Sukhumvit 40-89

          - Neigh IX.1,IX.2,IX.4.1 - Silom Rd., Saladaeng, Convent,...

          - Neigh IX.4.1,IX.4.2 - More on Silom Rd., South Sathon, ... 


          - Neighbor X.1, X.2 - Chao Phraya River, Charoenkrung,...

          - Neighbor XII, XIII, XIV - Ladprao, Rachadaphisek,


    We give you a street by street profile in those neighborhoods.

    We show you potential Bangkok apartments and condos in the

     neighborhoods. Do checkout our Serviced Apartments section.

    Why consider condos?

    Do you have pets?

    How to get Internet Services (ADSL)?

    How to get a local phone line with

     overseas services?


    How to get a special cable or TV satellite

     dish service?

    Information on apartment repairs

      and related services


    Places to shop for “moving-in items”

      and convenient stores

    Places for comfortable family outings

What you can avoid; 

Above unit is rented. It's right by Siam Paragon Shopping Center.

Contact us if you want to advertise your condo at this spot.


    Spending too much time getting locations’ information   

    Feeling uncertain about certain Bangkok neighborhoods

Let’s get started.

    Let’s get to know prime Bangkok neighborhoods and to realize that living in Bangkok can be convenient and comfortable.

Here, we are looking at a street map of central Bangkok and some suburbs.

It’s divided into 14 neighborhoods (I-XIV) and each neighborhood is profiled street by street so you can have a good feel for it.

Since there are quite a bit of information for each neighborhood, we had to put them into six groups

(Neighborhood I-III, XI; Neighborhood IV, V; Neighborhood VI,VII,VIII;

Neighborhood IX; Neighborhood X;Neighborhood XII-XIV) for ease of navigation.

The prime Bangkok's neighborhoods (I-XI) cover over 35 sq. km. and the rest cover 6 sq. km.. All of these neighborhoods are closed to subways (BTS, MRT).  

We also rate these neighborhoods for you; 5 is the highest and 1 is the lowest. This is based on my opinion, although I have tried to be as objective as possible.

I have visited and walked through all the areas presented here. Check out the accompanying photos.

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As I walked through the neighborhoods, I would spot apartment buildings, condos and homes.

When I saw something real nice (exterior) I would mention it; if the building looks nice in a nice neighborhood, it has a good potential to be nice inside as well.

I also checked out some apartments and condos, exterior and interior, in the Bangkok Apartments and Bangkok Condos sections.

Recently we have added few new sections, namely Bangkok Hotels, Bangkok Roads and Bangkok Books, where you can find maps and interesting books. We think these sections could help you enjoy Bangkok a bit more.


Bangkok Blog

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Classy Bangkok Neighborhoods

One of the classiest Bangkok neighborhoods are at the center of town, where you can find most things;

Bangkok Sukhumvit 16 Neighborhoods

We covers Bangkok Sukhumvit 16 to Sukhumvit 55 here, and Sukhumvit 40 to 89 on the next page.

Bangkok Sukhumvit Soi 23,25,27,29

Sukhumvit Soi 23 is too busy with constant traffics.

Bangkok Sukhumvit 40 To Sukhumvit 89

Bangkok Sukhumvit 40 To Sukhumvit 89

Bangkok 's Silom Road South Side

Bangkok 's Silom Road South Side is very close to the financial district.

Bangkok Silom Road S (South) Side, Rama IV Rd., North Sathorn Rd.,

Bangkok Silom Road S (South) is very close to the financial district .

Surawong Road, Soi Suksan, Sap Road

Surawong Road is perhaps as old as Bangkok.

Chao Phraya River And Nearby Neighborhood

Chao Phraya river is right by neighborhood Ten where...

Ladprao Road Intersection (From Rama IX)

Ladprao Road is a growing area; you have three MRT subway stations along Rachadaphisek road.

Bangkok Apartments

Let's look at some Bangkok Apartments where you can enjoy staying comfortably.

Bangkok Condos Rental

Bangkok condos rental was well received over 15 years ago and still going strong today.

Bangkok Serviced Apartments are quite comfortable when you select them properly.

Fine Bangkok Serviced Apartments can be found in prime Bangkok neighborhoods.

Selected Bangkok Hotels

Selected Bangkok Hotels are hotels I have visited and used many times for business and leisure.

Move-In Information

Move-In Information gives you some pointers on Bangkok's telephone connection,...

Bangkok-Family-Outings - Indoor And Outdoor

Bangkok-Family-Outings, there are quite a few places, both indoor and outdoor for family enjoyment and relaxation.

Bangkok Homes For Rent

Traditionally, Bangkok homes for rent were common.

Bangkok Apartment Guide Blog

Bangkok apartment guide blog form Let's you review Bangkok apartments and condos.

Bangkok Trip To Interesting Places

Bangkok trip to interesting places - Places not too far from Bangkok worth mentioning

Bangkok Bed And Breakfast

Bangkok Bed And Breakfast is getting more popular for cost conscious visitors.

Upcountry Small Town School Kao Yai

Upcountry Small Town School Kao Yai - There are many small town poor public schools about Kao Yai worth visiting.

Bangkok Soi Ekamai Condos

Bangkok Soi Ekamai Condos are comfortable and large to very large (450 square meters);they are high price condos.

Bangkok Road

Bangkok Road shows you prime roads of Bangkok in 14 neighborhoods.

Bangkok Road 2

Bangkok Road 2 shows you more Bangkok roads in Sukhumvit Areas.

Bangkok E-Newsletter

Bangkok E-Newsletter features our site updates and exclusive articles.


Use Bangkok-Contact-Us form when you have questions on some bangkok neighborhoods.

About Us

About Us, my name is Suranart Tanvejsilp and my wife is Petnara Tanvejsilp. We love finding apartments.

Bangkok Bookstore

Bangkok bookstore has useful books about Bangkok and other provinces.

Sukhumvit 63 Soi 2 Apartment

Sukhumvit 63 Soi 2 apartment is a mid price apartment and not too far from Ekamai BTS station.

Getting to Bangkok

Getting to Bangkok by air is the most convenient.

Bangkok Hotels List

Bangkok hotels list shows you Bangkok 's hotels competitive prices.

Bangkok Online Shopping

Bangkok online shopping is a convenient way to shop for items not available in Bangkok.

Bangkok Sukhumvit 77 Condo

Bangkok Sukhumvit 77 Condo is a new condo complex on Sukhumvit 77

Ekamai 26 Hi Price Condo

Ekamai 26 Hi Price Condo is about 230 sqm. It is spacious and newly decorated.

Living In Bagkok

Bangkok is a city of rich culture of old and new. The mixture coexists comfortably. There are parts of the city that are unhurried and moving at a snail pace...

Sukhumvit 4 Apartment

Sukhumvit 4 apartment is a good value apartment in Bangkok. They welcome clients who wish to stay for 6 months or 12 months. Other timeframes may be possible.

Bangkok Apartment Legal

Bangkok apartment legal issues are usually involving leasing contracts.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for Bangkok Apartment Guide

Condos For Sale

We have been getting inquiries on condos in Bangkok for sale. So, we have been looking for suitable condos worth mentioning to our readers.

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